#malaikaat20: Miss Malaika Alums Berla Mundi, Ama Nettey and Trudy Arnold return as Malaika@20 judges

The Miss Malaika Alums are having a reunion and not in the way you think. Media It-Girl Berla Mundi, Beauty and Style Guru Trudy Arnold and Oil & Gas Explorationist Ama Nettey are back for a new season of Miss Malaika and this time they are in the judge seat.

The ladies make their return as Miss Malaika celebrates it’s 20th season run. Rocking textile prints from GTP Fashion, each judge slayed in custom dresses put together by three of Ghana’s renowned designers.

Berla Mundi

Rocking a Yartel one-sleeve print dress, the host of TV3 New Day looked gorgeous and stunning. She was the second-runner up at the 2010 Miss Malaika pageant, and has since then gone on to become a staple in Ghanaian media. From working with EIB Network for half a decade and then going on to spearhead TV3’s morning show, Berla Mundi is without a doubt the perfect judge to ascertain which of this year’s beautiful contestants holds the Miss Malaika factor.

Trudy Arnold

Creative Director Trudy Arnold takes her place as Miss Malaika 2022’s second judge. She rocked a February by Serwaa custom dress with black lace sleeves, feathered wrists and a wide-plaited skirt.

This lady here with an eye for perfect aesthetics has been busy busy busy. Her portfolio after being crowned second-runner up in Miss Malaika 2009 includes building her own beauty brand Studio 7 Beauty Lounge and setting up the School for Success Scholarship Foundation. Trudy is a lady about her business and the affirmative. Her passions include empowering young women to not only chase their dreams but make them into reality. Trudy’s eye for beauty, grooming and a Masters in Management are definitely a treasure for Miss Malaika 2022.

Ama Nettey

The Queen is in the house. At 19 years old, Ama won Miss Malaika 2010 and since since she’s gone on to become an exemplary totem of women in Ghana’s Oil and Gas industry. Quite a pivot- from beauty to an engineering sector, but that’s not a surprise where this beauty with brains is concerned.

Ama rocked a Dark Made bespoke dress slit with thick raffles down to the taper. And she looked the perfect muse with that serve.

After Miss Maliaka, Ama Nettey became an oil and gas professional with a specialty in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production. Her work experience has taken her across the globe. When asked about her work in an interview with Leading Ladies Africa, Ama had this to say. “I work with diverse teams, using sophisticated software to identify potential subsurface areas where oil and gas can be drilled, and used for national socio-economic purposes.”

Ama Nettey is the queen with a crown and heart of gold. Her campaigns with Ghana Leprosarium, USAID and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center are testaments of her passions to help and leave the world a better place.

If it’s organizational insights, empowering the ladies and highlighting the importance of having heart with all that you do then we believe this year’s ladies are in perfect hands.

You can watch how the ladies of Miss Malaika 2022 fair under our esteemed judges here.






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