Meet Afia Prempeh, the artist making tapestries that reflect Ghana’s rich culture

Afia Prempeh is an artist on the up and up. Her portraits are tempered with colours and scenes that tell of Ghana’s rich culture. With each painting, Afia Prempeh accords a sense of impressionism and alla prima to a deeply Ghanaian perspective. Her technique and vision is an absolute sight to behold. Every brushwork is delicate and detailed in placing all the needed hues and tones to achieve a scene almost larger than life.

See the detail in the Kente? Exquisite. She just may start an eponymous technique with her composition.

First a landscape artist, Prempeh learnt how to paint the human figure in order to express a deeply classical Ghanaian outlook in her portraits. And clearly, she is getting it right.

Her portrait of her grandfather and brother just got exhibited at Somerset House in London at the just ended 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair.

Currently, Afia Prempeh is set to debut her solo exhibition “We Could Be…” at the Gallery 1957 inside the Kempinski Hotel on the 19th of November, 2021.

We are absolutely stoked to see what yet-to-be-seen adventures, images and imaginings Afia Prempeh and her canvas have for the world.


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