Meet Benedicta Gyamfi of TaneNtama, your favourite designer’s favourite fabric source

Apart from being some of Ghana’s most illustrious fashion designers, what do Bello Edu, Naadu, FashForward and Christie Brown have in common? We’ll tell you. It’s the Madam of Fabrics Benedicta Gyamfi. Your favourite designer’s favourite fabric source.

Benedicta Gyamfi of TaneNtama Designs

Born and raised in a household of fabric merchants, Gyamfi took her first step into the business in 2015. In less than two years, Gyamfi had already secured herself the place as one of Ghana’s top fabric dealers. Her success compelled her to start TaneNtama, a unisex fashion brand that provides exotic and local fabrics. From kente to silks, tule to laces, TaneNtama provides a wide range of fabrics for every occasion.

Gyamfi and TaneNtama have dressed Ghanaian celebrities such as hostess extraordinaire Anita Erskine, King Promise, Mugees, Nigerian creative Eva Alordiah, and award-winning songstress Efya.

While fashion and fabrics are Gyamfi’s passion, she has built her career in corporate as well. She served in various marketing and project management roles at ImageConsortium Limited.

“Fashion isn’t just a statement for me. It’s a lifestyle of creativity, of expression, of difference, of people and of discipline. I’ve worked in various industries; an Assistant in a Modeling agency, Sales and Logsitics in an Automotive business for two years, a host on Red Carpet events and even a Sports Show, but no matter what, fashion always makes its presence known in all these spaces. No matter the form, no matter the print, fashion always represents its presence.”

Gyamfi and TaneNtama are currently outdooring their latest project dubbed Healing Through Fashion.

This is what Gyamfi had to say about the project.

“Healing Through Fashion is basically making clothes bejewelled with gem stones and crystals. Stones that heal, radiate positivity, bring luck, prosperity, protection, health and success overall,” she said. “Fashion isn’t only about serving elegance or confidence. But it can also be about calming the mind and bettering one’s wellbeing.”

Benedicta Gyamfi of TaneNtama with a custom designed bag.

Gyamfi’s concept is to usher in a novel form of fabric in Ghanaian fashion. And looking from TaneNtama and Gyamfi’s former success, Healing Through Fashion is poised to be yet another milestone.

To reach out from Gyamfi and TaneNtama you can reach them via: (+233)543893754





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