Meet Dr. Ansah Addo, the doctor that delivered a baby 34,000 feet on board a plane

Dr. Ansah Addo, a US-based Ghanaian doctor, delivered a bouncy baby boy 34, 000 feet in the sky while aboard a United Flight. Social media is raving from the viral video of the birth as posted by media personality, Nancy Adobea Anane aka Ms Nancy who was onboard the United Flight UA 977.

She posted the developments on her Instagram page.

The mother of the baby went into labour prematurely while the flight was inbound to the USA. The baby was due February was born with no complications.

When the mother went into labour, flight personnel called for medical assistance and Dr. Ansah Addo came to the fore. Within two hours of landing the bouncy baby boy was delivered.

The flight was met on arrival by paramedics upon landing at the Washington Dulles rnational airport.

Media personality and celebrity Nana Aba Anamoah reposted the video of the birth on her Instagram social media account.

We love wholesome news and are glad to hear that the mother and the baby boy are both safe and sound.

Kudos to Dr. Ansah Addo whose presence was a blessing upon the United Flight.





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