Meet Lawrence Adjei the Ghanaian inventor making Made in Ghana electric bikes out of old laptop batteries

Lawrence Adjei is the Ghanaian inventor whose innovation is turning heads on Twitter. The twenty-six year old just made a Made in Ghana electric bike with dead laptop batteries!

Yes, you read right, dead laptop batteries. The bikes do not need any fuel and are environmentally friendly since they do not emit any gas. Lawrence Adjei’s bikes also double as mobile phone chargers. All you have to do is plug in with a cable into the bike’s port.

The electric bike’s also feature a remote on and off switch which can be operated using an app which is available on android mobile phones.

This technology is novel in Ghana and could very well be a multi-billion dollar Sub-Saharan business in the making. The prospects for Lawrence Adjei’s bikes are optimistic considering alternative transport means have become much discussed in lieu of current fuel prices.

We look forward to seeing Lawrence Adjei’s electric motorbikes on the streets of Ghana very soon.

Here are some other positive remarks to Lawrence Adjei’s electric motorbike.





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