Meet Mashudu Tshifularo, the South African doctor who who just performed the world’s first successful ear-transplant surgery

Mashudu Tshifularo, a professor at the University of Pretoria has just made history by performing the world’s first successful ear-transplant surgery. Using cutting-edge 3D-printed technology, the doctor and his team performed a middle-ear replacement surgery in 2019.

Tshifularo, who is based in South Africa, used first printed the bones that make up the middle ear. Starting from the hammer, anvil, stirrup and the ossicles, Tshifularo then implanted the model into a trauma patient.

This is what the record-setting surgeon had to say about the procedure, “By replacing only the ossicles that aren’t functioning properly, the procedure carries significantly less risk than known prostheses and their associated surgical procedures. We will use titanium for this procedure, which is biocompatible. We use an endoscope to do the replacement, so the transplant is expected to be quick, with minimal scarring…”

This auditory miracle is not the first of Tshifularo’s medical accomplishments. He made history in 2008 by developing a surgical technique that allowed for a bloodless endoscope-assisted tonsillectomy, an operation that is considered to be the world’s first.

As South Africa’s first Black ENT specialist, Tshifularo has taken it upon himself to train more Black South African ENT Specialists at the University of Pretoria.

When he is not raising the next generation of ear specialists, Prof. Mashudu Tshifularo spends his time spreading the Word of God. Yes, Prof. Tshifularo is a pastor. He is the senior pastor and founder of the Christ Revealed Fellowship Church near Pretoria.

He has also authored several books in this ministry.

Absolute remarkable work and ethics from, Prof. Mashudu Tshifularo!

We look forward to greater historic feats and greatness from this giant of a surgeon. May God continue to build and mould you into a testament of His greatness on earth.





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