Meet Setor Fiadzigbey, the new Marvel Entertainment illustrator for Black Panther

Ghanaian illustrator, Setor Fiadzigbey, has been selected by Marvel Entertainment to join the Black Panther Comic creative team. Born and raised in Accra, Setor Fiadzigbey’s has worked in various fields including comic books, storyboarding for TV, visual development for animation, and children’s book publishing.

His curent work with Marvel Entertainment, Black Panther Legends, is a four-issue series that treats the story of how T’Challa of Wakanda became the Black Panther.

Black Panther Legends #1 is set for release in October.

Setor has been drawing since his childhood and has over the years been part of projects in Ghana and abroad, working predominantly in publishing (picture books, comics etc.)

His collaborative work with Misty Copeland ‘Bunheads’ was included in the New York Times “5 Dance Picture Books. His Ready To Read series by Simon and Schuster Publishing is also a favourite amongst his art projects.

Here are art pieces from the gallery of Setor Fiadzigbey.







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