Meet the Ghanaian twin brothers, Alvin and Kelvin Mantey ruling fashion on Tiktok

Ghana’s fashion landscape is witnessing a fresh wave of creativity and influence, thanks to the rise of social media and apps such as TikTok which has become a hub for showcasing personal style and influencing fashion trends.

It, therefore, comes as no shock that US-based Ghanaian content creators, Alvin and Kelvin Mantey, who double as twin brothers, have taken the TikTok platform by storm, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, redefining style and adding their unique flair to dance routines.

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With their infectious energy and impeccable fashion sense, the Mantey twins have become prominent figures in the TikTok community, gaining a dedicated following and earning the nickname, ‘Ghana’s Favourite Twins’

The Mantey Twins’ rise to prominence on TikTok has been nothing short of remarkable with over 1 million followers on Tiktok and 7.4M Likes.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, United States, their eye-catching outfits, impeccable coordination, and engaging content have captivated audiences both locally and internationally.

Their fashion-forward approach and ability to effortlessly blend high-end pieces with streetwear have made them trendsetters in their own right.

And to top it off, they’re not afraid to share their Christian faith, university journey and family relationships. It is also exciting to know that as twins they’re also blessed with two elder brothers who are also twins, Godfred and Alfred

Beyond their sartorial choices, the Mantey Twins are known for their charismatic on-screen presence.

Their videos exude positivity, creativity, and a genuine love for fashion, making them relatable and inspirational figures to their growing fanbase, which is no wonder that weekly Sunday LIVE virtual events have become such a viral success.

Their infectious energy and authentic style have propelled them to become trendsetters, influencing fashion choices and inspiring others to embrace their individuality.

Here are 5 times Alvin and Kelvin Mantey totally ruled social media with their ball of positivity energy and style.

1. This mint vest with ripped pants

2. This matching look with the orange beanies

3. All-Black Look

4. Suited up with the other brothers for Mama


Bad quality video — HIGH QUALITY MOTHER. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of twins! We love you endlessly. #mothersday #mothers #motheroftwins #bestmom

♬ Soweto – Victony & Tempoe

5. Another all Black look





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