Men’s Edition: our top 10 best dressed of 2021

You have got to appreciate a man with style and suave. It is that time of the year where we take stock of the highlights of 2021 and we are pumped to bring you some of the most fashion-forward memories and posts of this year.

For our Male Edition of our top 10 best dressed we bring you a bit of rustic, a bit of black tie and a bit of traditional. We’re adding some metrosexual to the mix too. We do respect a man who has no qualms about rocking a skirt and rocking it well.

So without further ado we bring you some casual and some eccentricity.

Here are our top 10 best dressed men of 2021.

1. Mawuli Gavor.

It’s no surprise Mawuli Gavor is on our list. His style is the dream of the Ghanaian sartorial man. He is our number 1 versatile fashion king who skirts between formal African wear and bespoke suits. His Instagram is 100% the everyman and all-man style inspiration page. Mawuli takes our top spot for 2021 as the best dressed gentleman.

2. Dinku Jr.

Hands down one of Ghana’s top fashion influencers, Dinku Junior’s drip goes down to the Earth’s crust. Yes, that’s just how deep it is. I mean, look at the material. Sartorial with a bit of African print for spice, Dinku Jr. is easily one of our top picks.

3. Elikem Kumordzie.

Actor and designer extraordinaire Elikem the Tailor is a fashion killer. His style is a craft. Tapered outfits that are form-fitting and accentuate the male form; that’s just how Elikem does it.

4. Kwame Bediako (Freedom Jacob Caeser)

Eccentric is his middle name and class is his game. Billionaire Kwame Bediako is a force to reckon with in real-estate and in fashion states too. He’s risqué with his outfits and we appreciate it. Melding African fabrics and animal prints with his outfits, this mogul is setting his own fashion mode. P.S: Kwame Bediako gives off Thomas Sankara vibes. Heavy. We dig that. A lot.


The swagger with which Kidi saunters is the stuff of which GQ needs to report on. The drip goes deep with this one. Maybe it’s the showmanship. Maybe he was just born with the style. Either way Kidi pushes boundaries with avant-garde costumes and chic but sophisticated streetwear. Plus, he’s not scared to go crazy with bright hues. His style is undeniable and that’s one of many reasons why the ladies call him Sugar Zaddy.

6. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Ebuka is officially our Slay King. The man never misses. If the contestants in the BBA house missed the memo this year, well Ebuka sure didn’t. He brought the shine each Sunday with his outfits. And that was just a foretaste. His Instagtam OOTDs is GQ if it finally decided to go bluxe. They should take a cue.

7. Yankey Himself

Social media personalities always get attention and this one for the right reasons. SnapChat and Instagram brand and fashion influencer Yankey Himself is one of our picks for fashion forward men of 2021. Towing the line between bespoke traditional wear, a bit of white-collar suits and silks and velvet, Yankey’s Instgram bio beckons you to live vicariously through his style. Plus, he’s an absolute comic which makes him all the more endearing.

8. Joey Lit

When we talk about disruptors in fashion we easily skirt towards Free the Youth. And with good reason. Streetwear designer and stylist Joey Lit is literally (see how we did that?) defining Ghanaian streetwear with Free the Youth and a touch of childhood nostalgia motifs to go with it. A bit of hip-hop and a bit of punk wrapped up in a bough of against-convention, Joey Lit makes his place.

9. Kwadwo Addo

Radio and TV host Kwadwo Addo is as debonair as is needed. African wear with a bit of casual in the mix is his wardrobe style. If you want inspiration on ensembles that don’t need too much work but come out sophisticated then Kwadwo’s Instagram is the page for you.

10. Fiifi Coleman

Actor and model Fiifi Coleman is one of Ghana’s heartrobs and he adds up to it with fashion and style. We can’t help but agree that his sense of style is a GQ look all on its own.

11. Kweku Yeboah

Silks, sequins, silver ice and boots. That’s Kweku Yeboah right there. Streetwear never looked glamorous. Portraying authentic Accra life with metrosexual style and jive, Kweku is creating a whole novel interpretation of what it means to be Ghanaian, young and en vogue.

12. Wesley Kesse

Social media influencer Wesley Kesse brings the heat in style and in the kitchen. Yeah, this fashion forward gentleman cooks too. Gourmet. He appreciates bright hues and they easily complement his dark skin. His Instagram is a catalogue for exactly what to put on for your Sunday Best.

13. Shadraq Stone

Creative stylist Shadraq Stone brings kaleidoscopic hues into fashion with almost every project of his. Its no surprise that he’s styled greats such as music legend Ebo Taylor and hot sensation King Promise. But that’s by the way when we consider Shadraq’s own style. He presents African androgynous vibes and we love it.

14. Denola Grey

Which gives us a good segue into Denola Grey. Nigerian fashion icon Denola Grey is a home stay in the fashion industry. He is modelesque and the perfect canvas for anything form-fitting. No matter the outfit, it’s always a spectacle with him. Denola Grey is just down right fabulous with it.

15. Steve Harvey

It happened just like no one expected. Steve Harvey just up and became the breakout fashion icon of 2021. Steve Harvey has been serving back to back age-is-just-a-number vibes with his chic and eclectic outfits this past year. We recognize a true Daddy in the fashion game when we see one.





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