Miss Universe 2023: Meet Engracia Afua K. Mofuman, the multilingual Ghanaian beauty queen making waves with her fashion

Multilingual-speaking beauty queen, Engracia Afua K. Mofuman is catching the eye of the international world one elegant outfit at a time as she represents Ghana at the 71st Miss Universe happening in culturally-rich New Orleans.

The stylish beauty since her departure from the shores of Ghana has been dropping hot jaw-dropping looks to the different activities she’s participated in on behalf of the 32 million Ghanaians whiles competing with other brainy ladies from across the world.

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Styled by Ghanaian stylist, Kelvincent, she’s curated stunning looks from a list of Ghanaian fashion houses; a move that will also go a long way to showcase Ghanaian originality and craftsmanship.

Christie Brown, Pistis Ghana, Nipo Skin, Anku Studio, House of Paon, True Face By Grace and many others have gladly styled the black baldie in their best offerings.

According to the Miss Universe Ghana winner who holds a Degree and a Masters in International Relations, she feels ‘very empowered from head to toe’ in the pieces.

Hailing from the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Engracia also speaks 4 International languages including French, English, Spanish and Portuguese and works as a professional translator. She also volunteers as a primary school language teacher in the communities around her.

If there’s one thing we know for sure then it’s the fact that Engracia will leave the Miss Universe event as the best-dressed contestant.

Check out some of her amazing looks below

1. Her Star-spangled look at the Airport


2. When she rocked this 70’s inspired look to her registration

3. When she rocked this empowering look for her interview rounds

Outfit: @christiebrowngh

4. The opening number that caught eyes all over the internet

Outfit: @portiaandscarlett

5. A style statement in Ghanaian Kente

Outfit: @pistisgh
Accessories: @trufacebygrace

6. When she exuded Ghanaian royalty in her Adinkra dress for her rehearsals

👗: @ankustudio
Accessories @trufacebygrace

7. Dinner but make it iconic

👗: @houseofpaon
Accessories @trufacebygrace

8. Her welcome press look

Necklace: @charlielapson 

9. Attending the Bam at the Gallier’s Hall

Outfit: @niposkin_official 
Accessories : @charlielapson

10. Official Ghanaian Ambassador

👗: @epiphani_official
Styled by @kelvincentgh 🤍💫

11. Her Preliminary Competition Look

💄: @yonal_adiepa
📸 : @paakwayc
Styled by : @kelvincentgh

12. Can we have a moment for her swimsuit inspired by the Tree of Aspirations





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