Monday Motivation: this woman created a market niche for artisinal chocolates in Ghana

You’ve probably sauntered into a fuel filling station in Ghana and chanced across their chocolates at the confectionary shelf by the cashier’s station. What are we talking about? Bioko Treats. Bioko Treats is a Ghanaian confectionary business dedicated to producing artisibal chocolate with indigenous ingredients.

If you’ve tasted their Gari and Peanut Butter Chocolate then you’ve tasted a slice of heaven. Bioko chocolate bars are absolutely to die for! They are specially handcrafted with love. And that love starts with the chocolatier behind Bioko itself.

Meet Jeanne Donkoh of Bioko Treats; our Monday Motivation. After decades in the hospitality sector, Jeanne Donkoh retired and founded Bioko Treats, a chocolateiring studio based in Osu. Her mission? To produce sweet and distinct handcrafted chocolate confections using original Afrofused chocolatiering recipes. Look, what Jeanne Donkoh and her amazing team do at Bioko Treats isn’t just an art, it’s a science.

And to think, before Jeanne Donkoh started Bioko, she’d not ventured into the confectionary industry. Now, she’s considered the doyenne of Ghana’s niche chocolate industry.

Bioko Treats signature bonbons

In 2018, Jeanne began using locally sourced cocoa beans from the Eastern and Volta Regions to produce chocolate bars without additives or preservatives. As the years progressed, she and her audacious team of chocolate-lovers showcased flavourful chocolate bars using Ghanaian staple foods and crops. Melon seeds, tiger nuts, cashew, corn and even cassava are among the ingredients that’ve found their way into Bioko Treats’ chocolate bars and bonbons.

Jeanne Donkoh and her team grew a business which has in turn inspired a wave of Ghanaian chocolatiers alike. When we consider artisinal chocolate in Ghana, we look to the sweet sweet goodness of Bioko’s Nutty Cigars and Dark Chocolate Bark.

BIOKO Treats bonbons

And it’s not only their taste that’s bursting with acclivity, but also their brand, both home and abroad. In 2019, Bioko exhibited at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris under the aegis of the International Trade Centre SheTrades initiative. 

We are proud to throw a spotlight on a magnificent woman such as Jeanne Donkoh, who did not leave her dreams to be superannuated. She and the entire team at Bioko Treats are a tasty inspiration and a savoury motivation for not only chocolate-makers but women and small business owners.

Be motivated. Be inspired. Be obsessed. If it’s Bioko, then treat yourself.

Jeanne Donkoh – Founder of Bioko Treats

You can place an order for any of their delicious chocolate offering here.





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