Monday Muse: 10 stylish photos that prove why we stan Ghanaian entertainment icon Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian entertainment icon and all-around creative Stephanie Benson is one of Ghana’s superstars with seasoned style.

She’s hip. She’s hot. She’s risqué. And most of all, she’s having fun along the way. Have you seen her in full regalia on her three-wheeled bike? Fifty-two never looked so good.

Stephanie Benson is among Ghana’s fashion intelligentsia who has, consciously or subconsciously, impacted the fashion scene with her imitable style and personality.

It’s no surprise she’s our Monday Muse. Stephanie’s IG is a candid insight into her personal fun-filled world with a touch of Glam tempered with family life. The lady’s life is a reality shows. Love it.

To celebrate Stephanie Benson’s style and impact, here are 10 photos that’ll make you a stan for her. Like we are!





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