Mother of 5 in Agormanya, Ghana gives birth to quintuplets!

Thirty-seven year-old Hellen Tettey just had the shock of her life when she gave birth to five instead of three infants in the early hours of Wednesday (July 13). Hellen who already has five children (a set of twins included) delivered a set of five babies (quintuplets), all female, at the St Martin’s de Porres Hospital at Agormanya in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region.

She told the media after delivery that her scan on her during her pre-natal visits revealed that she was pregnant with triplets!

Hellen who originally lives with her husband in Tarkwa arrived at Agomanya to live with her family pending her delivery only to go into labour after alighting from the vehicle.

Health professionals at the hospital assisted in a smooth delivery process, with the mother and babies (quints) all doing well.

Agormanya quintuplets pictured in incubators

Dr Bansah Miriam Theodora, the clinical coordinator of the St. Martin De Porres Hospital, expressed joy over her involvement in the delivery process.

She added that her hospital’s medical officers detected that the symphysis fundal height was more than 35 and the fetal part which they palpitated did not give any sign of the head, hence the emergency cesarean section to remove the babies from the womb.

“It was out of the c-section that we got the five babies–all girls,” she said, adding that “all of them are in good condition and none is under oxygen. I’m delighted to see something like this. I haven’t done one before so I am glad to have helped the pregnant woman deliver successfully.”

The quintuplet girls are currently being incubated at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for their weight monitoring after recording less than a kilogram.

A member of Hellen Tettey’s family is, however, calling on the general public and benevolent groups or individuals who are touched by the story to assist the family.

When asked by the media Hellen’s response was that she was surprised and but is beside herself with happiness with the turn of events.





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