Music in May: 4 trending and repeat-worthy Ghanaian music videos you just got to see

This week the Ghanaian artists are giving what needed to give with music visuals. And giving it hot. From King Promise spicing our hearts with a Jae5 produced new single called Ginger and Eno Barony featuring Amerado for the Finish Line, its safe to say this week in May has been great for music videos.

Have you seen these new music videos out now?

King Promise – Ginger

Ok, Gregory. Keep bringing it. We love the visual aesthetics. The green, the mahogany, the mocha-skinned muse. It is all a delight. We however can’t deny this video concept seems dated. P.S. We appreciate the little homage to our Nigerian brothers with their flag colours on the curtains. Subtle and slick. Of course, thats what we we out for in a Chris Chuky directed visual piece.

Eno Barony ft. Amerado – Finish Line

We don’t have many monochrome music videos nowadays and probably this is why Eno Barony’s concept for Finish Line comes off fresh off the mark. Plus that plaid coat, with the wide-brimmed hat and generous cleavage? That’s Big Gangster Black Widow energy right there. Yes, give it. Directed by Takyi Natives, we love the concept but feel less shadows and silhouettes would’ve made the video even better.

Mona 4Reall – Blow

To just be one blown up balloon in that pool with Mona 4Reall. #sigh. It is no surprise that Xpress Philms impress yet again with their visuals and concept. Especially their bright cinematography; so technicolour.

Stonebwoy – Therapy

Oh my days! Firstly, is Stonebwoy creating a sub-genre? This song sounds like what happens when Dancehall and RnB decide to get familiar out of the group chat. Banger! Secondly? The aerial views! The black and white visuals at the start looked so crisp and then when the colour bleached in at the second verse? We were absolutely sold. And so is YouTube. The video currently has over 10 thousand likes in less than 24 hours. With good reason.





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