Nigerian actress Ini Edo just revealed that she has a baby through surrogacy

Congratulations to Nigerian actress Ini Edo who welcomed a bouncy baby girl some months ago. Ini Edo lives a private life for the most part so it is no surprise that this good news remained a secret this long.

In an exclusive interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus, Ini disclosed that she had her child with the aid of a donor and surrogate. She added that her history of miscarriages does not discourage her whatsoever. When asked about why she used a donor this was her response.

“I opted for a donor for me and my baby’s peace of mind. Another major reason I opted for a donor is because it scares me so much when I see banter and controversies between a mother and a father over a baby in public forums or when I see the man insisting he wants his child if things don’t work out between both parties.”

Ini acknowledged how difficult the process for acquiring both a donor and a surrogate had been for her. However stated that she was past that and is looking forward to raising her daughter in a tender and loving environment void of social media excesses.

I’m in the phase of taking care of my child and focusing my positive energies on motherhood and my running businesses. This is all I have time for right now and shun all negative news or energy.

Congratulations to Ini Edo. Motherhood is a lifelong journey we believe she has the absolute makings of.


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