Nigerians commemorate one year since the gruesome EndSARS Massacre

It has been one year since the world witnessed the dreadful Lekki Toll gate Massacre.

On the 20th of October 2020 Nigerian youth in Lagos marched towards the Lekki Toll gate to peacefully demand an end to police brutality.

The government’s response was swift and belligerent.

At approximately 6:50pm, armed members of the Nigerian Army and other government-sponsored security forces opened fire on the peaceful prostestors. Graphic videos on Snapchat, Facebook and Istagram Live showed gruesome scenes of death. Till date, the government of Nigeria’s official position is that there were no casualties. And the bane of the matter remains unresolved with police brutality scaled up amidst economic shortfalls.

Today the 20th of October 2021, some hundreds of demonstrators turned up at the Lekki Toll gate in a memorial procession to honour those who lost their lives during the protests.

Here are some 10 reactions on Twitter to the one-year memorial of the EndSARS Lekki Toll Gate Massacre.

1. A fight for their lives.

2. As it was before it became something else.

3. It’s a cycle.

4. The scars of the battlefield.

5. Again?

6. Stay protected.

7. It’s scary.

8. Chronicle.

9. It gets worse.

10. And they still say it didn’t happen?


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