8 old Ghanaian adverts that will take you down Memory Lane

There’s nothing like the good old days to make you feel sentimental. And these videos will hit you right in the feels. Some will remind you of good times. Some will remind you, just like a nosey Auntie (who has been divorced twice), just how old you are getting.

The beauty of memories is that remembering them is the closest thing we have to feeling young again.

So, sisters and brothers, take a seat, buckle up and let’s take you down Memory Lane.

Here are 8 Ghanaian adverts that will take you down Memory Lane .

1. Tigo Honey Coochie Coo Advert

You just had to say Honey Coochie Coo to your bae and all would be forgiven.

2. Cargo Bitters

The Di Asa blueprint.

3. Tigo Number 1

Take me back to when GHS3.99 was enough to be Number 1 in bae’s heart.

4. Glico Advert

This advert had a chokehold on TV3 programming. Do you have insurance yet?

5. Pomo Advert

Na who Mama no be best cook for the World?

6. Brrr Coca-Cola Advert

I mean this one wasn’t Ghanaian but who really cares? That Brrr was Ghanaian as they come and it holds great memories for us.

7. Interplast PVC pipes

Quality never worked so good.

8. Kasapa Advert

That Nokia ringtone though.





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