Fashion designer Ophelia Crossland presents chic elegance in latest campaign Birds of Paradise

Elegance, poise and a fashion statement that doesn’t run out of style. When designers create they usually require a muse and for Ophelia Crossland and her eponymously named fashion house we are guessing her latest campaign’s muse is the leading Ghanaian woman.

Ophelia Crossland started her year off by styling Ghana Showbiz sweetheart Joselyn Dumas for GQ South Africa’s cover page and did not take a breather.

Her designs expriement with colours, with fabrics and varations of raffles. Culminating in girly and delicate outfits that pieces a graceful look.

Her latest collection for the month of March, Birds of Paradise, which celebrated International Women’s Day, featured some of Ghana’s lady stalwarts in academia and Commerce. Collaborating with Vera’s Millenery, Ophelia Crossland’s photo showcase accentuated elegance with flower-patterned silks, silver laces and flowing tan and fawn rayon.

We are in love with what she’s given us. It’s an absolute gift.

LOOK: Check out some of the magic from Ophelia Crossland’s Birds of Paradise Campaign.





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