Our top 10 food content creators of 2021 that will make you a longer throat at once

Food, the way to a man’s stomach and with good reason. Sometimes it feels like without food content on the internet the world was literally the Stone Age. However, did we ever cook without food blogs and Instgram food pages?

With a multitude of food pages on Instagram offering mouth-watering and longer-throat inducing recipes, we are spoilt for choice. Whether it is using local ingredients to make something new or it is staying traditional, there is always something for everyone.

And considering it’s almost Christmas, what better way to take stock with our top 10 food pages of 2021. Are you ready to wet your palette?

Here are our top 10 food content creators of 2021 that will make you a longer throat. Instantly.

1. Telande

Kinorah Awini celebrates food with Telande, her food page. Her page is filled with delectable short cooking videos that make food preparation seem like ABCD. It’s just a testament to how good she is. Her recipes are the heart of the page and a lover of local ingredients, Telande offers Ghanaian, continental and far-out-exotic recipes. Be prepared to fall in love with food here.

2. Zubaidah

This lady is an ardent food lover and it is a sight to see. Zubaidah has created her niche around giving Ghanaians insights into the best places to chow and travel places to know. Sometimes, you want to know the bill of that posh restaurant before you make the trip. Zubaidah is your designated food reviewer. She even has an extra IG page for food lovers like us on a budget. Isn’t she just thoughtful?

3. EatwithSophz

Sophz brings us the whole buffet with her page. She cooks, eats and reviews, so you know you’re getting a bit of everything. They don’t say variety is the spice of life for nothing. Take a journey of relish with Sophz and find yourself not only knowing the hottest restaurants but the best easy-to-make recipes.

4. AllofJC

Jean-Claude Attipoe just like the other famous Jean-Claude brings the best chops but in the kitchen. If you want authentic Ghanaian food content then you’ve found your sanctuary. He’s versatile that he’ll whip you something Italian and then flip you the switch with a deep dish in an asanka bowl. Plus, he photographs food like its something hanging in the Louvre. As he very well should!

5. Ama Boadiwaa

Health is wealth and that’s why every taste matters to Ama Boadiwaa. Her page features healthy but absolutely tasty food. She includes recipes along with easy-to-make healthy snacks and tips. And quite frankly she’s got an infectious positive vibe about her. Clearly healthy food gives needed wellness.

6. Bibiani Gyasi

Bibiani’s page @cheflifestyle_ is a treasure trove of Ghanaian food culture. She made ice cream with soursop and we were 100% sold. This lady needs to be have her videos streamed to all Senior High Catering students. Another added benefit of her videos is she points out the healthy nutrients with every ingredient and a personable caption.

7. Ama Afari

One thing we love about Ama’s content is how colourful her dishes always come out. She makes use of fruits and vegetables and the end result? Finger-licking food content that has us wondering if she’ll ever open a restaurant. Ama rakes you in with her family-friendly recipes. So if you’re looking for inspiration for Christmas lunch or dinner then we’ve made your recipe search come to an end.

8. Lamicooks

Lami brings the North to our kitchens with seasoned recipes that have passed through generations of food innovators. Sometimes different is what your stomach craves.

9. Latifahcooks

And boy does she cook. Everyday she drops a recipe fit for feast. Latinas is as continental as they come. Her content circles around African recipes. So you know there’ll definitely be something new to sample in your kitchen from her videos.

10. Perpetual Asiamah

Thank the Lord that Perpetual Asiamah decided to start her catering business @preppedgh. Any more recipe video teases and we’d have grown feral. Perpetual Asiamah’s page is so particular and organised. She even gives you the names and sometimes handles of the places she sources for her ingredients. While she is mostly active on her YouTube page. She gives us snippets of her good food on the Gram as well.





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