Our top 8 PS5 game picks for 2022

If you got yourself or got gifted a PS5 like we did then you already know the wonders of the console is a sheer beauty.

The graphics. The fluidity. The gameplay. All of it is just chef’s kiss.

This hulk of a machine is an absolute unit and we are in love with it. We have been immersing ourselves in some games. And while there are sure to be bigger releases come later this year we already have our list of favourites.

Here are our top 8 PS5 game pics for 2022.

1. Demon’s Souls

This remake of the original amps the ante with its graphics. Best be prepared. It’s a difficult game to play.

2. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

The first edition of this game reverberated all through gamer halls. The Director’s cut is an essential for any role-playing game fans. Trust me, you want a slice of this Samura awesomeness.

3. Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu memes and references was all any gamer could get past last year. And with good reason. She is an absolute top-tier villain who makes the gaming experience of Resident Evil Village a sure classic in the making.

4. Deathloop

This game is one of those not-so-serious but enjoyable games you play more for fun of it as opposed to the challenge. Even though it sure is a challenge. The storyline follows an assassin called Colt whose job is to kill eight people on his hit list in one day or the entire day resets. Oh, while trying to avoid being nerfed by a bounty hunter.

5. Hades.

Boy oh boy, now this is a great one. And we aren’t embellishing. This game is 4k genius. It’s a dungeon-set game built on Greek mythos. The effects, graphics and its complementing the DualSense controller? C’est magnifique.

6. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Another game that applies DualSense to the max. This one-person shooter game plays into the history of the Cold War just nicely. Plus, it has a zombie campaign which you can use to spice up your gameplay just in case you’re feeling for something grimey.

7. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Entertainment sure has been having a great year- decade with their movies and now their games. Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is a fun ride! While, the focus here is on Peter Quill all the other popular Guardians get their chance to front with compelling storylines too.

8. Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales

If you haven’t had your fill of the Spiderman fever then this game is just up your alley. Lovers of Into the Spiderverse will be pleased to play protagonist Miles Morales in this swashbuckling piece of entertainment. The graphics are crisp and the boss fights are some of the most fluid we’ve seen yet on the PS5 console. What could you possibly be waiting for? (Unless it’s 100 days of January salary you are on hold for).





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