Over $1m raised by @humansofny for Ghanaian entrepreneur Paul Ninson

Over a million dollars has been raised by Instagram photo-activist Brandon Staton (@humansofny) for Ghanaian entrepreneur Paul Ninson. The donations were raised over the course of two days after @humansofnyc made a post about Paul Ninson on their page.

The donations will go towards the construction of the Dikan Centre, the largest library in Africa dedicated to photography and film.


Paul Ninson, himself a photographer, spent a year collecting a whopping 30,000 photography books for the library project! Paul Ninson’s altruist history inspired a groundswell of commentary on Instagram and Twitter. This would in turn lead to the monumental support for the building of the Dikan CenterLibrary.

The Dikan Center is a non-profit organisation founded by Paul Ninson. The Centre aims to advance the African experience in visual mediums of photography, film and media. The Dikan Centres call for photobooks inspired hundreds of collector-item donations.


Paul Ninson’s story and the need for the preservation and promotion of African visual art went viral over the course of the fundraising.

Here are 15 Twitter reactions to over $1 raised for the construction of the Dikan Centre.


1. Everyone needs to.

2. In 2 days!

3. Indeed.

4. Givers never lack.

5. Outstanding.

6. All over.

7. To the world.

8. Way ahead of you.

9. Definitely.

10. Absolutely brilliant.

11. So inspiring.

12. Take the lead.

13. Can’t wait.

14. Truly.

15. A good mother’s love knows no bounds.





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