Peep photos: Mawuli Gavor gets engaged to longtime partner Remya

Toll the bells and ring the alarm. Ghana’s movie heartthrob is officially off the market.

Ghanaian model and actor Mawuli Gavor just got engaged to his longtime Indian-Austrian girlfriend, Remya, and social media is buzzed about it. And we fully get it. Peep the photo? They look so gorgeous together.

News of the engagement was shared by popular Ghanaian photograper Kweku Ananse on his Instagram page.

He shared pre-wedding photos of the couple with a caption that read “

“Finding love is such a beautiful thing ? Soo happy for my dear friend & brother @mawuli_gavor to have found love in such an amazing personality as Remy @remya_on . Word is .. never give up on Love … it just might be closer than you think ??,” the photographer captioned the photos.

Per her profile, Mawuli’s soon-to-be wife, Remya is a Pan African developer of sustainable idustrial ecosystems.

Congratulations to Mawuli and Remya. They make an absolutely beautiful couple. And Ghana Twitter seems to agree.

Here are some Ghana Twitter reactions to the announcement of their bands of marriage between Mawuli Gavor and Remya.

Photo Credit: IG/@kingkwekuananse_photography





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