Personalise your wardrobe home decor with these 5 stylish hacks.

You do not have to just fold your clothes and lock them up in your wardrobe anymore. How about adding some chic to the mix? Some fashion to the passion. Alright, now that was just campy.

But seriously, what better way to store your clothing than to personalise it into home decor? You’re not only organising your wardrobe but adding some character to your living space. Whatever is your fancy; minimalism, maximalism or expensive sophistication, these DIY hacks will have your room looking like the insides of your mind.

1. Shelf your bags and shoes in or over your wardrobe.

A set of painted planks or even a simply lacquered ones (for that wood natural aesthetic) in or over your wardrobe will add character to where you store your clothes. You could easily do this with a hammer and some industrial nails or a simple drill machine. Add some plants, lamps or trinkets to the display and see your space light up.

2. Frame up your sunglasses in wooden cases over your wardrobe.

You cannot say you don’t want these sunglasses when you live in this our baking hot beloved country called Ghana. But storing sunglasses can be cumbersome. How about putting your shades in wooden cases and setting them dedicating over your wardrobe? You can always see them and easily pluck one when you are ready on the go.

3. Set up an open clothing rack.

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Curating an appealing and colourful open clothing rack always gives a room a posh and chic aesthetic. Very runway. When the clothes are all color-coordinated? Absolutely, (chef’s kiss). I know, I know. The dust. But that’s why you can easily wrap your clothes in transparent rubber to keep out any dirt. Try this and see how much character your room suddenly gets.

4. Use hooks to hang your bags in your wardrobe.

Getting a hook rack is so easy now. There are street vendors who even sell some in Accra and Kumasi’s busy traffic. Nailing one into your wardrobe would not only be fashionable but also functionable considering it would not be taking up too much space. Satchels, bags, knapsacks; all that get their own place in your space.

5. Create your own hat gallery.

A hook rack could just as well do this or shelves over or in your wardrobe. Struggling to store baseball caps, fedoras and sunhats is the bane to my existence. If you are like me and want an out then consider creating a gallery of your most-liked hats into a feature wall in, over or even on your wardrobe. The choice is yours really.





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