Pistis perfections: 10 exquisite OOTD posts from Pistis’ Instagram

It is no surprise that Pistis is one of Ghana’s top designers. The fashion house never fails to grace us with innovations and novel interpretations of traditional womenswear. It’s not a shocker that they made second lady Mrs. Samira Bawumia’s birthday garment.

See that gown? Isn’t it just an emerald delight? *Swoon*! Usually involving delicate threading and adornments, Pistis’s every post on Instagram is absolutely elite. Each bespoke gown is one of a kind. So you know yours is a dress made only for you.

Her bridal gowns are not only haute but drip class from stitch to hem. If you want an eye-turner or a show-stopper of an outfit, Pistis Ghana is the fashion house for you.

Here are 10 exquisite OOTD posts from Pistis’ Instagram page.

1. Laced with beauty.

2. Register that red Kebré

3. Princess Enchanting.

4. Kaleidoscope of colour.

5. Yello, sugar.

6. Red ransom.

7. Verdant.–8gksPiV/?utm_medium=copy_link

8. Kente interpretations.

9. Noire.

10. Fiery.


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