Redefining Stereotypes: Meet Jessica Opare-Saforo the famous brains behind the only female Biker Club in Ghana, Biker Girls Gh

In Ghana, the image of riding a motorcycle has long been clouded by stereotypes, associating riders with vagabonds, criminals, and social misfits.

This perception has seeped into the fabric of Ghanaian society, leading to fear and resistance towards motorbikes.

However, one extraordinary woman who is challenging these norms and rewriting the narrative for female riders in the country is none other than Jessica Opare-Saforo. (Yes, the same Jessica who we grew up listening to on radio and watching on T.V, also the same voice you hear when MTN tells you have no call credit in your MTN account)

Biker Girls during one of their outreach events

As the founder of Biker Girls Gh, the Youtuber has helped create a trailblazing women’s only club that is transforming the way Ghanaians view motorcycle enthusiasts.

In a conservative society like Ghana, the sight of women confidently riding motorcycles attract considerable attention, ranging from indignation to admiration. Nevertheless, Jessica Opare-Saforo has remained unfazed by the opinions of others.

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The inception of Biker Girls Gh came after a heart-wrenching event in Opare-Saforo’s life – the passing of her beloved mother in February 2018. Devastated by the loss, she sought solace on the wheels of a motorcycle. Embracing her passion and realizing the fleeting nature of life, she embarked on a journey to pursue what she had always yearned to do.

Jessica is a professional voice-over artist, radio & television show host, YouTuber and a fitness enthusiast

In an OkayAfrica interview Jessica Opare-Saforo stated, “For me, creating this group wasn’t about what people thought. OK, if you thought women weren’t supposed to ride. That was your headache, not mine.”

The group which currently comprises of 17 inspiring women boasts of Rosina Kwawukume Ashirifie, an active female rider in Ghana who offered Jessica lessons in biking during the tough experience. She is also a seasoned banker with 16 years of experience at Ecobank Ghana and holds a Master’s degree in banking & finance from the University of Leicester.

Other leaders of the group include Yaa Okudzeto: a distinguished principal electrical engineer and managing director at Built Services Consult, and Rose Fynn, a renowned business and change leader, formerly associated with top consulting and financial service firms like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, now thriving as the C.E.O of Busy Internet.

For the rest of the women who joined the club, witnessing the popular media personality fearlessly ride her motorcycle inspired them to break barriers too.

As she shared her love for biking, women realized that the sport was not out of reach for them, but rather an exciting hobby they could pursue too.

Yet, joining the group came with its challenges. Most bikes are designed for men, making it difficult for women to find the right fit. Safety is paramount in motorcycling, and Biker Girls Gh upholds strict safety precautions. New members must have their own motorcycles, be experienced riders, and possess a valid motorcycling license. Additionally, the group conducts a series of fun rides to assess riding skills and ensure camaraderie among members.

Biker Girls Gh
Bikers Girls GH about to begin a trip from the Accra Mall

The Bikers Girls Club GH is more than just a group of thrill-seekers; it is a movement dedicated to empowering women all across Africa.

Together, they have also embraced philanthropy as a core value. Their charitable endeavors have included donations to orphanages, supporting women with medical bills, breast screening in honour of breast cancer awareness month and providing food for street kids. Their selfless acts have left an indelible mark on the communities they touch.

Through their daring exploits and unyielding spirit, they aim to inspire women to be the best versions of themselves, to challenge societal norms, and to pursue their passions fearlessly.

In a remarkable display of determination and empowerment, they have covered an astounding distance of over 5,000KM so far. Their journey represents not only a passion for adventure but also a significant achievement as they stand tall as the fastest growing female biker girls club in Africa.

This group of trailblazing women has been setting new records and shattering stereotypes in the male-dominated world of biking.

With their helmets on and engines revving, they are breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of what women can achieve.

Check out Biker Girls out and find more information on how to joined HERE





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