Run mile high: 10 top running apps for fitness

Running and jogging are easily the most accessible forms of exercise around. Plus, running releases endorphins which is a biological happy hormone that gives you pain relief. Fitness is all the rage these days and running does its job of not only keeping you fit but burning excess fat. Good bye, cellulite.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic running and all-around fitness has become very popular in Ghana. So popular in fact, we thought it was time we did a round-up of the best running apps.

These apps serve as that dependable companion whatever the distance you run. The app for you depends on the type of training you’re looking to undertake. Looking to get into a marathon? We got you. Looking to burn away all that extra weight? Got you covered. Do you just want to keep your heart-healthy and pumping? We-have-got-you!

Google play store and Apple store tend to bombard users with so many long-worded description options. So we decided to de-mystify and cull the number to an easy 10.

Here are our top 10 running apps for fitness.



Strava is the gatekeeper of running apps. This app is ideal for those who enjoy recesses in their running – there’s a detailed breakdown when it comes to timings and splits. You challenge yourself on certain legs of your run by competing against previously tracked times. However, the downside, like any social app really, is that it’s easy to find yourself getting a little overly competitive, comparing splits with friends and analysing what others are doing. Nonetheless, this app is top of our list in usereco-friendliness.


2. Runkeeper

Unlike Strava, Runkeeper (now known as Asics Runkeeper) is ideal for keeping track of your runs without the need to share updates with the world. Take a run or a jog at your own pace.


3. Pacer


Speaking of pace, Pacer makes its entry into our list. With its slick dial-inspired interface, this app is as much a pedometer and general fitness tracking app as it is an app designed for tracking your running. It features audio and visual guided runs in addition to training plans, this is a great way to commence your active lifestyle.


4. ISmoothRun

When you see I you already know what device it is. This iOS-compatible app features stride tracking and a metronome to help you amp your stride pace.


5. Map My Run

This Under Armour funded and endorsed app gained syncs seamlessly with smart watches and fitness trackers and like the best apps has a large social community. Very user-friendly, check updates on best running routes and personal exercise data.


6. Apple’s Workout App

The Apple Workout App comes built in with Apple watches. You begin by finding a workout that suits your goal and get a three second countdown ahead of the tracker kicking in. Known for the sophistry, Apple has outdone itself with this easy and simple to use fitness app.


7. Adidas Running By Runtastic

Runtastic is a widely recognisable name when it comes to run tracking. Collborating with Adidas, this app challenges runners to stay motivated and push towards set goals. The app allows you to customize it according to your needs.


8. Nike’s Run Club

Nike is as big as it gets with fitness. This all comes equipped with a number of built-in options, including Guided Runs, My Coach and Quickstart options. Guided runs are a great motivator and feature audio guides from the likes of Paula Radcliffe and Joan Benoit Samuelson, alongside pre-set distance and speed programmes (a mixture of audio-guided and not). If you need motivation then this app is just the one for you.


9. Endomondo

Simple and easy is the way with this running app. Using GPS this app tracks your progress stats.


10. MyZone

MYZONE wants to be known as the Facebook for fitness and it is making a good job of it thus far. Encouraging competition with other users through its app and online. It works best paired with the Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt and helps with its heart-rate accuracy and ability to help you plan your runs, looking at how far you want to go and how hard.


So there you have it. Our 10 top apps to get you started on your fitness journey. Do you know any other apps we might’ve missed? Hit our comment section. Tell us your progress and your suggestions.






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