Rwanda honours Rtd. Generals Henry Anyidoho and Joseph Adinkra for their valour during 1994 Rwandan genocide

President Paul Kagame honoured two Ghanaian Generals for the key roles they played during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. In a state event which took place on Monday, 4th July in Kigali, Rtd Gen. Henry Kwami Anyidoho and Rtd. Gen. Joseph Narh Adinkra were conferred the National Order of Bravery (Indengabaganizi) for their decision to stay back and save people during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Kagame commended both Ghanaian Generals for their dedication and commitment and wished them a ‘happy Liberation Day,’ which the country observes to celebrate the end of the Genocide. The Genocide was stopped by the Army wing of the Rwanda Patriotic Front.

The National Order of Bravery is awarded to an individual or group of individuals, who demonstrated outstanding supreme acts of self-sacrifice to save the life of one or many people.

“The Ghanaian battalion saved countless lives under the most difficult circumstances and there is no soldier involved who does not carry invisible wounds in his heart to this day. Where others fled or were withdrawn by their governments, leaving Rwandans to their fate, these officers remained and continued to lead their men and women, and did what was right to do,” the president said of them.

Anyidoho was the Deputy Force Commander of the Ghanaian contingent and Adinkra was the former Commanding Officer of the Ghanaian battalion in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Rwanda in 1994.

Rtd. Gen. Henry Kwami Anyidoho pictured in Rwanda 1994

They made a decision for the under resourced and outnumbered forces to stay behind and hold their position to protect thousands of civilians who sought refuge at the UN facilities during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Anyidoho said: “At a time when the UN in New York was contemplating the decision to close down its mission in Rwanda in view of the deteriorating security situation, I said to myself as an African General playing a role in the mission, ‘we cannot turn our backs on Rwanda.”

President Paul Kagame honouring Rtd. Gen. Henry Kwami Anyidoho

Anyidoho then obtained approval from the government of Ghana to retain a residual force to assist in addressing the deteriorating security situation in whichever way possible.

“I am, therefore, privileged to receive this medal on behalf of officers and troops who stood behind me to ensure that, together we made humble contributions to assuring peace retained in Rwanda, I dedicate this medal to the heroes who paid their ultimate price and those who bore the scars of sharpened wounds in their bodies,” he said.

Samuel Koku Anyidoho, son of Rtd. Gen. Henry Anyidoho, celebrated the honour with a post on his Twitter feed.

Ghana thanks Rtd. Gen. Henry Anyidoho and Rtd. Gen. Joseph Adinkra for their acts of valour and humanity. May your lives continue to be icons of the Ghanaian spirit.





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