Say goodbye to oily skin with these foundation hacks

Oily skin. The bane of many looking to have that fresh easy breezy face. Especially in tropical areas where the sun won’t allow slightly matte made-up faces to look even.

Our mothers and their mothers suggest “baking” with powder. While some just fall back on carrying a compact and blotting over and over. Yes, these methods do work but they can be tiring.

So we canvassed and now present to you these easy to-do make up tips you can use to say goodbye to an oily face.

And you just have to use the same old foundation! Go figure.

Here are 3 easy Foundation tips for oily skin:

1. Do less skin prep.

No Serums. No essential oils. Keep all those for bedtime. Use less products during your skin prep. We encourage you use a simple skin moisturiser or any other hydrator. Less products on your skin means less shine which usually makes your sebaceous glands secrete oils. Less prep.

2. Cover with concealer (not liquid foundation).

Liquid foundation easily clogs pores in oily skin. Clogged pores leads to acne and blackheads. We don’t want that. Using a concealer is the better option. No clogged pores, no skin breakouts. Plus it gives the added bonus of concealing any hyper pigmentation.

3. Top your base with powder foundation.

Powder foundation sucks up any perspiration and gives that dewy fresh look. No grease and your face remains natural and just how you intended. No face blotting or drippy make up. No, you stay divine. With this, your face serves nothing but matte maximum freshness.


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