Scent so good: these are our best scents of 2021

This year we promised ourselves to dress better, smell better and feel better. Covid tried its hardest to mess with the latter but we still made it over. God is always in control.

The perfume industry is usually steeped in custom, tradition and custom (for the people that love their luxury to be bespoke). We, however, like to experiment and try out new things any chance we get.

Regarding smelling better we tried, tested and fell in love with some scents this year.

With the courtesy and insights of members of the Bra Perruci community, these are our best scents of 2021:

Best Female Fragrance – Sexy Gravity Escada

Tester review: This frangrance was launched in 2002 but it clearly is timeless, at least for me. Everytime I wear this scent I receive a compliment, I’m not even kidding. ‘You smell so good’ or ‘What scent are you wearing?’. Funny enough, it isn’t a loud perfume. Flowery and fruity with sweet and wood accords, this perfume has been the best scent I’ve used this year. – Nana Ama Boasiako.

Best Male Fragrance – Baccarat Rouge 540, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Tester review: This scent literally possesses the allure every gentleman wants and needs. Guy, it is dark with a slightly smoky blend. Jasmine, saffron and woody scents all mix in this bottle. I paired it with my mostly dark or all-black outfits and it made a statement for me before I even had to say one. Easily my favourite discovery of the year. – Samuel Awuku.

Best Gender Neutral Fragrance – Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino

Tester review: I personally love flowery scents and this one from Tom Ford is like a dewy garden at dusk. It has this light citrus scent like lemons, oranges and tangerine. When I wore this scent my confidence went over 100%. It isn’t cloying but not mild that you won’t catch it. If I would pick my scent of the year, it would definitely be this one. The beautiful part of it is, my husband wear it too! – Agyeiwaa Andoh.





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