Shine Your Eyes: 4 Reasons why you should insure your homes

Should the unexpected happen to your home, do you have financial safety? You do not want to play with your future.

Last week Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo experienced probably the worst event of her life as her home was razed to the ground by fire. The sad situation has attracted both sympathy and criticism from all quarters but perhaps what saddens our hearts is the fact that her home wasn’t insured as is the situation with so many homes in Ghana.

You may ask yourself why you need to insure your property, then suddenly, your house catches fire and everything gets burnt. Now you are left to cover the entire cost of repairing your house and replacing the things in them.

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If you had insured your home, you would have had a part or full support in fixing or replacing your home.

This is why you should insure your home from accidents, fire, burglary, and other unforseen circumstances.

1.Covers your property damage

Investing in a home is one of the biggest ones could ever make in a lifetime. You do not want to find yourself starting from scratch if anything bad happens to your home.

2. Covers personal belongings

You come home after work and find out fire has razed your home down with everything in it. Having an insurance ensures you do not have to start with nothing.

3. Peace of mind 

Insuring your house is like having an invisible security man in your home. You can have your peace of mind and leave the trouble of worrying to your insurance providers.

4. Makes it easier to get loans from banks

Some banks give preference to homeowners who have their homes insured. Having a home insurance is a major criteria for most banks for availing home loans.

Don’t wait to be hit before considering insurance on your second try. Protect your assets at all times.





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