Sika Osei is elegance personified in these 10 photos

Sika Osei is the official Ghana Girl-Next-Door. We don’t care what you say. If you like go and burn the sea.

The actress and brand ambassador is so effortlessly elegant that you’d think she figure skates. When she’s not acting she’s hosting the Ladies Circle, a show dedicated to rousing conversations surrounding womanhood and the empowerment that comes with the gender. We are absolutely in love with her personality and her craft.

Sika Osei’s Instagram is proof that for her fashion doesn’t just have to be a lifestyle or a statement, it also has to be fun. Pure unadulterated fun. She blends her fashion boundaries with mod, to casual, to high fashion and then swings all the way to Girl-Boss business casual. A versatile queen, our Miss Sika Osei. She is effortlessly trendy and ever-dainty with her outfits and it spurs us on.

She’s a a very busy one. You can see Sika Osei travel and explore many African savannah and lush plains here on SafariTV Show. You just might get some insight into your next holiday destination.

Here are 10 Sika Osei hearttrob looks to inspire your wardrobe.

1. This photo breathes cocoa butter.

2. Some olive with the tonic, please.

3. Bejewelled.

4. Fairy good in African print.

5. That jacket though.

6. The hair. The skin. The cheekbones. 10 across board.

7. Noire!

8. Leggo!

9. Almond and doughy eyed.

10. Safari here we come.


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