Slow Weekend? Here are 5 things to do from the comfort of your bed this weekend.

Isn’t it ironic how we look forward to the weekend and then when it arrives we literally just sleep it away? Oh no no, we aren’t really complaining. Please, sleep and rest is absolutely good. Do not let anyone lie to you. Sleep is great for the body’s health, the mind’s sanity and the soul’s peace. We encourage minimum effort during leisure time. Which is preferably the entire weekend.

Sometimes though sleeping can just be damn right boring. Just laying in bed. Doing absolutely nothing. It can be…formulaic. Unless you have the energy to just get all dolled up and look good for the Gram.

So we sat down and drafted a list of things you could do this weekend. Things that require little to no effort. Some of them you can easily do on your cell phone.

Ready for the weekend? Here goes.

Here are 5 things to do from the comfort of your bed this weekend.


1. Learn a new language

Bonjour, bonjour. Ças vas, ças vas. Oui, oui. And we can easily do this with a simple download of Duolingo on our phones. Thanks to the beauty of technology, you can learn a wide variety of languages without having to sign up for a foreign languages course at Alliance Français. Download the app here and begin your bilingual journey.


2. Become a product/service reviewer

Honestly, we need as many of these as possible in these days of social media vendors. This is not to malign any one’s hustle but some services really need customer service training. You could easily start a social media page that constructively reviews online products and services. From theur customer service, professionalism, the product or service in mention and down to recommendations if any. Try it out. Perhaps, you could even become a professional reviewer and cash out on this.


3. Online Resource person

What do you like? What are you passionate about? Commercialize it and share it online. Do you like to plan parties? Do you like to share life hacks? Or do you like to share how to not get scammed by fake SMS promos. That last one hit home for me.

Whatever you like you could dive further into it online. Being a resource person in something you like incentivizes you so you don’t easily get burnt out from fatigue. You can easily write a guide and scale up to paid online seminars.


4. Watch movies and documentaries

For real for real, watch them. Netflix, HBOMax even YouTube. There’s so much content out there to watch and learn from. As opposed to just frolicking around, inspire yourself with documentaries and movies. Be it crime detective channels on YouTube or underdog documentaries such as the Losers on Netflix.


5. Make skits.

TikTok needs to start considering Ke$ha as a brand ambassador for their app. Easily the most popular app currently, the app is the best platform for skits. From cooking to comedy and fitness dancing to performative social justice warmongering. Whatever is your fancy, TikTok offers you the gateway to reach millions of people who’d relate. And you do not need to have had a TedTalk for that. If you want more bank just add Instagram as a platform for your skits.  Try it out. You’ll see how you’ll be rolling in banknotes soon. Get yourself out there without even taking a step out of the comfort of your four walls.





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