Someone around you might be suicidal. Take a look at the telltale signs!

During and after Covid, suicide rates over the world experienced an outrageous spike since lockdowns and restrictions kept people from being with their loved ones and ultimately set them into depression and anxiety.

Anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation are all frequent mental health problems in young adults. Moving out, going to college, and starting a profession are all certainly huge burdens. The pandemic is doing little to alleviate the anxiety of young individuals moving out into the world on their own.

National suicide prevention week started on September 5 and ends on September 11. Suicidal behavior is when one starts taking action related to ending one’s own life. This behavior can be considered a psychiatric emergency and immediate assistance from a healthcare provider is important. Depression is the top mental health risk factor for suicide. Other factors like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and schizophrenia can cause one to be suicidal. Aside from mental health, other factors like incarceration, child abuse, family history of suicide, chronic diseases, bullying, job loss, and difficulty seeking help have been causes of suicide.

Put extra effort into checking on your friends when;

They start saying they have no reason to live.

There is no reason why you should take anyone saying they have no reason to live lightly. We joke about wanting to die as millennials and Gen Z’s but you should pay extra attention to any friends that continuously states that they have no reason to live.

They make a will or give away personal possessions

You’ll say people make wills and give personal items away all the time but when your friends start giving stuff away like they don’t plan to be alive in the next week, you will know that its getting serious. Most people who commit suicide prefer to leave their stuff with people they know will take care of them properly. It’s true we all have lives and stuff to worry about but being your brother’s keeper has never caused any harm.

They show signs of extreme anxiousness

Most people that show signs of extreme anxiousness are more like to commit or at least fantasize about committing suicide. Being more watchful and vigilant to notice the changes in the people around us goes a long way to prevent them from committing suicide.

They talk about suicide as a way out

There exist different ways to confront a problem. If someone around you reiterates that committing suicide is the only way they can be at peace, encourage them to seek help.

If you feel someone is being suicidal, do not hesitate to talk to the person. Don’t be afraid to ask if the person is thinking about suicide. Offer your support and encouragement and let them know you’re there for them anytime. Try to make sure they are not alone, they could really use the company. Don’t shame them for feeling how they feel, you can encourage them to seek professional help, try to go with them to their first appointment.



Let us help stop suicide. Save a life. Choose to live. Call these helplines if you are contemplating suicide and need professional help; 0509914046 and 0206814666.*





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