#Style Guide: Here’s how to cop Larley Lartey’s eccentric fashion sense.

Get a pen and paper guys. Larley Lartey is taking us to fashion school.

Energy and style can not be bought but style and fashion sense sure can be. Hear us out, you can cop the fashion items of your favorite fashion influencer and put your own spin on it.

Truth is, there is nothing new under the sun. In essence, who does fashion better than ‘born for the camera’ model and stylist extraordinaire, Lydia Lartey. 

Larley Lartey is a young Ghanaian woman who is passionate about fashion and aspires to make her country proud of her beauty and fashion sense.

She’s come a long way since presenting Girl Talk to carve out a space for herself with her short hairstyles and willingness to experiment with color. Her attractive appearance is what keeps us going all the time.

If athleisure and cool was a person, it would definitely be  Larley Lartey.

If you’re not accessorizing then what are you doing?

Edgy rings, tasteful earrings and signature headpieces. She effortlessly proves that accessories are the spice of fashion.

From the feet up

We all know that the first things people notice about you are your feet and Larley uses this to her advantage. Her heels? Definitely to die for and like nothing we have ever seen.

Securing the bag

Larley cares about where she put her money and all the time, the money is secure in her amazing stylish and sometimes 90s bags.

Bold and colorful

We are absolutely in love with Larley’s choices when it comes to colour. Her outfits unapologetically affirm how good bold colours look on dark skin.

Winsome in white

There is just something about white that we can not put our hands on but one thing we agree on is that Larley looks refined and absolutely majestic in white.

Sunglasses? Sign us up!

For Larley, the bottom line to looking good all the time is to always look to stand out when shopping for clothes and accessories. You can either be basic or bomb but bomb, definitely sounds more interesting. Happy styling fashionistas!

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