#Style Guide: Here’s how to dress like Mawuli Gavor

On and off the media scene, Mawuli Gavor is undoubtedly the most stylish. With the gym bod of a Greek god and a nick for colorful, corporate fashion, he ultimately is in the lead on the stylish actor’s scoreboard.

Who is Mawuli?

Mawuli Gavor is a multifaceted individual who has worked as an accountant, a TV host, an actress, and a serial entrepreneur. Mawuli began his acting career after concluding that finance and numbers just weren’t his thing.

He rose to recognition in Ghana and NIgeria after he starred in a short film dubbed ” I got flowers today” in which he played an abusive partner to the ever beautiful Dorcas Shola Fapson.

It is clear that the gym bod is a necessity to be able to look as effortlessly fly as Gavor does but how does that saying go? If you can’t beat them, join them right? Take a look at the five steps you need to follow to become the style god that is Mawuli Gavor. The gym bod will come later.

Mawuli Gavor’s eccentric look and how to cop it.

Suits, suits and more suits.

It’s clear that he adores suits, and what we enjoy most about this adoration for suits is his willingness to experiment with varied vibrant colors and fabrics.

Loose the sleeves sometimes.

For his gym looks, Gavor is always spotted in a loose tank top showing off the biceps he worked for. I mean if you got it, flaunt it right? Yes. But knowing when and where to lose the sleeves is key.

Pattern it.

We are not saying that plain doesn’t look good. We are just saying that pattern looks good too and we love a man that can pull off a floral suit like Gavor does.

Class it up with turtle necks.

Ghana is hot but do you know who sure looks good in a turtleneck? Everyone. Turtlenecks are the most versatile shirts you’ll find on the market. Paired with a suit or jeans, they’re sure to class things up.

Up the ante with a hat.

Nothing screams boss move than a good hat and Gavor is living proof of that fact. Suit? Wear a cool fedora.

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Now go out there and wow!


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