10 awesome trainers for both fashion and fitness

Fashion or fitness? Who says you can’t have both? It can actually be quite stressful finding a pair of trainers that’s not just practical but also snazzy. I mean you’re not just doing a body reconstruction to not wear clothes that highlight it. We decided to list for you a tenacious set of ten trainers. This list has everyday sneakers for a casual stroll to a hyperactive marathon run.

Disclaimer: now this isn’t a definitive list, instead we cherry-picked trainers that show versatility.
Here are our top 10 trainers for style or sport.

1. Adidas Nite Jogger

An 80s-inspired trainer, this traier was sesigned to be a ‘jogging’ shoe. With it’s reflective stripes and a ‘boost’ for a midsole, its silhouette makes it fashionable for that denim outfit with a dark green T shirt.

2. Nike Air Max 1

Nike’s Air Max range is simply iconic. They made visible air bubbles one of the hottest trends of the last 30 years. While there are countless variations of Air Max, but this suede piece will always be the original and best. Optimize your feet to the max with this classic.


3. Converse Jack Purcell Canvas

Do we still call trainers canvas in Ghana? Anyways, this piece which was designed by Canadian badminton legend Jack Purcell is one of Converse’s best-bought footwear. And with good reason. This trainer is light on your feet and allows for quick motion. Now, just how fast can you go? Show us.


4. Reebok Club C 85

Reebok has always been a master when it comes to comfort in sportwear ad they do it well with their C 85.  If you want a shoe that you can wear day to day and look good doing so, a Reebok Club C 85 fits the bill. Plus, it comes in colour variants. Isn’t variety just the spice of life?

5. Adidas Swift Run RF

Run, run, runaway! This is as sportier as it can get. Designed to bring the ease to your of morning run, the Swift Run RF has a cushioned outsole to support your feet wherever you chose to go.

6. GUCCI Ace

You know what time it is when you see those ‘Gs’. It’s GUCCI. Made from Italian leather this tennis shoe stomps the ground with elegance. This one costs a tidy sum but well, fashion is almost never ever cheap.


7. Lacoste Carnaby Evo

The Carnaby Evo virtually goes with anything and everything. It’s the kind of trainer you can wear to work on Friday or Saturday morning at the tennis court.



8. Adidas Superstar

Oh, the basketball nutters definitely love this one. Released in 1970 for the basketball court, the Superstar is an absolute streetwear staple. The hard shell toe – designed to protect the toes on the court – has remained a constant in the design even 50 years on. It’s connection to by hip-hop and rap icons is without a doubt worth of its name Superstar.


9. Nike Cortez

This list would not be whole without this piece. The Cortez is Nike’s first ever track shoe and remains a classic till today.  Retro and minimalist, the Cortez never fails with whether you looking to break a sweat and or make others sweat.

10. Adidas Gazelle

To crown it all is the Gazelle. The Gazelle started life as something used by football players trainer, but it is now more likely to be worn casually. There are over 10 colours available including collegiate burgundy and glow blue for the Gazelle. Its colourful leather provides a contrasting base to the three stripes that run across its side. Day party or night out on the town? Choose your choice.





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