Sunday Best: we’re obsessed with Akua Akuffo’s all-white Boho-chic OOTDs

Do you have neutral staples in your closet? If you don’t then you need to start investing in them. Like yesterday!

Sundays are for looking sparkling fresh. Whether it’s for Sunday service, brunch with the crew or a Vitamin-D recharge with some much-needed sunshine at your favourite beach. It’s fun to experiment with colour, yes, however when it comes to neutral pieces you can never go wrong. There is so much fun styling you can pull off when you rely on a monochromatic colour palette for your outfits. Adding the perfect accessories (varying colour jewelry or a clutch) adds that extra très chic spice to your outfit. If you haven’t invested in neutral outfits yet, then take some style cues from Aku Akuffo.

If there is one fashionable Crazy-Rich Ghanaian we keep an eye on when it comes to her OOTDs, it’s definitely Aku Akuffo.

The Ghanaian attorney and socialite loves her colour and raffles on her outfits (like a lot!). However, her all-white OOTDs are some of the highlighting posts you can find on her Instagram grid.

If we’d put a finger on it we’d describe her wardrobe as Boho-chic with a dash of Ghanaian City-Girl esthetic. Long dresses, tiered skirts and ethnic touches of accessories.

As we all know, Aku is obsessed with the color white too, and she made it a point to share some of her high-impact fresh and white OOTDs on her IG.

If you needed convincing on versatile ways to rock that white outfit this Sunday, then Aku’s neutral OOTDs just made the elegant closing case for them.

Our Sunday Best is Aku Akuffo.

Scroll down to view Aku Akuffo’s all-white Boho-chic OOTDs below.

Sunday White and Tulle

Sunday Sundress

Sunday Slit Dress (because showing legs is very necessary)

Sunday Guipure Options

Sunday Lace Topped

Strapless Sunday Option

Strapless Sunday Option Too (that silver chain mail bag though!)

Sunday Detailed Tulle

Against the All-White Norm

Credit: IG/@aku_akuffo





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