“Sweet and Glamourous” aptly describes Ghanaian fashion brand Sugarkane’s bridal gowns

If you want to look sweet with a sprinkle of Ghanaian spice on your special day then it’s Sugarkane you need styling your wardrobe. Their bridal gown details are magical.

Ghanaian fashion brand Sugarkane has been turning heads for a moment with their flowing bridal gowns with delicate flower and beaded details.

Their elegant crystal-beaded peacock gown for Miss Universe Ghana 2021 Naa Morkor Commodore is an exquisite piece of wearable art.

Naa Morkor Commodore at the Miss Universe Great Britain 2022 finals.

That’s the theme we’ve noticed with Sugarkane- their astounding beadwork. Near all their pieces have their signature bead work- be it wedding gowns or casual or kente-inspired outfits.

Most of Sugarkane’s gowns tend to be monochromatic, but they show out with the colours and fabrics they use. Bright red satin to flowing sapphire-blue velvet gowns are but a few of their hue choices.

However, we would rather center on their gorgeous bridal gowns. They are breathtaking with embroidered lace flowers vines and long trains. Whether it’s a modest fashion-themed gown or something spicy for your special day, Sugarkane has the thread work for you.

Flowing, fresh, feminine looks are what the brand is all about and we adore it. Sugarkane’s bridal gowns are a Fairytale wedding piece come to life.

Check out these exquisite bridal gown pieces from Sugarkane’s Instagram feed.





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