Take a look at what Ghanaians on Twitter think about the groom who abandoned his wife for a provocative dance with another woman

There’s a very big question that demands an answer whenever people decide to get married. Aside from « do you take this person as your lawfully wedded spouse?» of course.

A short video making rounds on Twitter has brought up the question, would you let your husband for lack of a better word, grind on another femalés behind, while you’re around. More so, would you be comfortable if he did it at your wedding reception with your family an everyone watching? Must be confusing.


A recently married man was seen gyrating on another woman’s buttocks while his new wife watched them in her wedding reception dress. The video, short as it may be, shows enough grinding for many Ghanaians to question the loyalty of the man and who this said lady could be. Take a look at some of the Twitter reactions to this video.


Thats all we are saying

Speechless but impressed

Ummm Ma’am???

On a yatch! You’ve suffered enough

Fear women tweeps will blow up the TL

The age old question

it’s the ‘et al’ for us

Only matching energies here, please

Couldn’t have said it better

Show me your friend…..

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