The age of Adele topping charts returns with her new single Easy on Me

Adele is back and contrary to her new single she is not taking it easy with us as she tops the charts. Adele just dropped her latest single Easy on Me and within minutes it has become the most viral topic on Twitter. She dropped the music video 2 hours ago on YouTube and it has already garnered 2.6 million views! It feels like the early 2010s all over again, doesn’t it?

Her new era sees her moving out of the home seen in the music video for her hit song Hello. Clearly the themes for her new era include growth and the change, whether positive or not, that comes with it. We are absolutely stoked to hear more from the Queen of Blues.

Here are 10 Twitter reactions to Adele’s Easy on Me.

This house she built.

Through and through.

She sweeps with no dust left.

Way too easy.


Heartbreak makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s time for some heartfelt ‘Me’ time.


Rihanna better stay in her lane.



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