The Feels: Jude Lartey’s stunning visuals for Converse’s ‘Let The Black Star Shine’ campaign is inspiring as it’s nostalgic

Ghanaian photographer Jude Lartey has teamed up with shoe brand, Converse to create a visually stunning and captivating campaign titled “Let The Black Star Shine.”

In collaboration with TJ Sawyerr, this campaign showcases the unique talent and creativity of Lartey, who is making waves in the world of fashion photography.

Announcing the final work on social media, Jude Lartey, the image maker behind the campaign’s visuals brings the Ghana of yesteryears back to life in a retro vibe.

He wrote on Instagram, “I’m extremely excited to photograph this campaign for Converse with the whole crew involved in this project. Looking forward to sharing more images from this work”

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In the mesmerizing campaign created on the streets of Accra, young boys wearing the popular Chuck Taylor All Star and One Star sneakers are featured while a street vendor also shows off his version of the popular shoe brand which has had an impact on street culture.

The creative direction and production of the campaign are masterfully helmed by TJ Sawyerr, whose vision seamlessly weaves together the diverse elements of this project.

From conceptualization to execution, Sawyerr’s touch is evident in every frame and more shots including a head porter carrying a pan of the sneakers, boxers wearing them and dandy models all pose in the shoes.

The campaign features a cast of individuals who embody the spirit and style of Converse. These stars include Nuerki Nortey, Eugenia Otoo, Isurboi Protein1, Jeffery Sackey, Prince B07, Gilbert Q, Getrych Yaaro, Oldboy7h, Rachel, Kwame, and the Jamestown Boys. Each talent brings their unique charisma and flair to the campaign, reflecting the brand’s commitment to individuality.

TJ Sawyerr also takes the reins of styling, curating looks that blend contemporary fashion with Converse’s timeless appeal. The result is a collection of outfits that effortlessly bridge the gap between classic and cutting-edge.

“Let The Black Star Shine” is not just a campaign; it’s a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the enduring appeal of Converse which is also able to seamlessly merge heritage and innovation while honoring the vibrant cultural landscape of Ghana.

Check out the new campaign below

Photographed + Co-Produced: Jude Lartey ( @jude.lartey )
Creatively Directed + Produced: TJ Sawyerr ( @tj.saw1 )
Talent: Nuerki ( @nuerki_ ), Eugenia ( @eugeniaotoo_ ), Protein ( @isurboi_protein1 ), Jeffery ( @jefferysackey_ ) Prince ( @prince__b07 ), Schoolboy ( @gilbert.q_ ), Yaaro ( @getrych_yaaro ), Oldboy ( @oldboy7h ), Rachel, Kwame, the Jamestown Boys.
Styling: TJ Sawyerr ( @tj.saw1 )
Accra Production Manager: Majesty ( @kvng.majesty )
Accra Production Team: Anane, Yaaro, Protein
Hair + Grooming: Christele ( @afro_ele_ )
Retouch: Jenny Arrowsmith ( @arrwsmth )
Graphic Design: Emily Gouveia ( @emilyanagouveia )
Commissioner/Project Manager: Raj Sidhu ( @rajs_dhu )
End Marketing Lead: Chris Harrison
Supported by @endclothing and @sondrinc





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