The lovely Lydia Forson says – ’37 is not beans, but slowly cooked jollof’- as she celebrates her birthday

Life is a gift and that’s why they say we should appreciate the present.
The lovely Lydia Forson just celebrated her 37th birthday and sh is keeping us in the loop about how important this milestone means to her.

The Borga actress graced us, like she always does, with a gorgeous portrait with her lush hair crowning all that glory. Glowing obsidian skin, glamouring grace and hair in the way that goes up to heaven? What is there not to love. It is no surprise though. The photograph was taken by adroit photographer Gilbert Asante.

In comical but prudent fashion, Lydia Forson stated that clocking 37yrs is not like beans but rather it’s like slowly cooked Jollof. Our take is that for her reaching this age is not only an achievement but also a reflection that age is just a number and that her best is yet to come.

Seeing another day in your life is a huge blessing and Lydia Forson is more than grateful for this gift of life.

We wish her the very best and look forward to more of her in the spaces of art, entreprenuership and empowerment. Happy Birthday, Lydia Forson.

You can find out how Lydia Forson gets her hair like that here.





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