These 12 gowns by SHE by Bena are breathtakingly gorgeous.

If it is girly and dainty gowns for that special lady in your life then look no further than SHE by Bena. We’re talking gowns that need designer millinery, toting fancy purses and devil-my-cry high heels.

SHE by Bena’s garments are breathtakingly gorgeous and she is versatile with it. Her recent Bijoux collection is so fancy with it. Silhouette fitting dresses, colour-breathing silk brocades and adorned ruffles? What is there not to love?

Whether you need a beaded lace wedding gown for your special day, a kente garment for a star-crossed engagement or something chic for that corporate presentation, this designer has got you covered. SHE by Bena isn’t shy to experiment with styles and fabrics so you know that gown is definitely bespoke in every sense of the word.

Here are our top 12 breathtakingly gorgeous gown picks by SHE by Bena.

Season’s Greetings.

Sunday Best.

Office Vogue.

An Emerald Indeed.

Laced Black to Back.

Red Relish

Suite Blue

White a Taste, no?

Creme dé la cream

The Detail.

Patchwork made Fancy.

Sister, Sister.


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