These 12 NSMQ2021 troll tweets will have you absolutely laughing your *ss off

At last the battle has ended. After weeks of anticipation, dedication and sheer brilliance the 2021 Ghana National Science & Maths Quiz has come to a close with Prempeh College taking the trophy.

Congratulations, Prempeh College. This is a well-deserved win. Presec Legon and Keta Secondary School won 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Francisca Lamini of Keta Secondary was the only lady among a panel of males and she held her own. First lady in eight years to reach the NSMQ Finals. Her presence is an inspiration to many young girls and this sentiment was shared by actress Lydia Forson.

Everyone of these smart youths are champions and we are absolutely proud of them.

Speaking of pride, the bragging rights for winners of NSMQ did not take long to fill social media. Bragging rights along with the usual trolling.

Just in case you missed it, here are 12 NSMQ2021 troll tweets that will have you laughing your *ss off.

1. They started hot.

2. Vim and Anticipation.

3. Oh, what a 1derful world.

4. Tears.

5. Blue what?

6. Washawasay.

7. What is this self put-put too?

8. Stray bullet.

9. He is the reaaasoooon.

10. Chocho mucho.

11. Please allow them.

12. Stray bullet 2.0 update.





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