These 3 hacks may just help you prevent hair loss

Imagine it starting like this. The morning birds are singing and chirping their little bird songs. The golden rays of the sunrise are fleeting through your window. The curtains are illuminated orange. Your alarm beeps. You wake up with your face in the pillow and stretch your arms with a content sigh. You look down and then you see it. Your heart stops. Your eyes widen. Why are are there hairs on your pillow?!

Waking up and seeing loose hairs on your bed can be such a fright. No, you do not have cancer. There are so many reasons why hair loss occurs. A major one being stress.

Increased cortisol levels can throw your body’s functions into a frenzy. The crown of your head deserves all the tender love and care it can get.

So here are 3 easy hacks that may just help you prevent hair loss.

1. Wash your hair with a keratin-based shampoo.

Keratin is naturally produced in the body and it helps to prevent hair breakage and loss. Using a keratin-based shampoo will strengthen your hair and keep it lush. Coffee-based shampoos are also just as good.

2. Go natural.

Everyone has been talking about going natural and it’s the truth. Nature has a way of protecting us. Using oils like olive oil, coconut oil and baobab oil stimulate hair growth. If it’s too steep try your hands on some shea butter. Expect results in not less than two weeks.

3. Comb or brush out your hair after every bath.

Combing or brushing your hair seems like an obvious one but a lot of people overlook it. Using a comb or brush unfurls your hair cuticles and your pores. This allows for air passage through your hair. Thus leaving your scalp and hair void of heat which causes skin and hair breakage. Take your beauty bath, nourish your hair with any oil of your choice or shea and comb or brush through gingerly. See your crown of a hair grow over and abound.





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