These 3 steps will cure your hangover in moments

Thank God it is Friyay! It’s the weekend and we like to what? We like to party. And party, we know, most of you shall. However, after the party comes the hangover and that none of us really like.

A hangover is what comes after a wild night of going overboard with the liquor. It can be frustrating, annoying and leaves you all together noxious. You feel fatigued, thirsty, stomach ache sometimes a pounding headache that makes your muscles ache from even the lowest of sounds. Some hangover episodes can last for almost 4 to 6 hours. Some can last for more. Almost makes you dread going out to chill, doesn’t it?

We decided to share our homegrown personal secret cure for hangovers.

Here are 3 remedies to dealing with your hangover in moments.

1. Hydrate.

No, not more liquor. Your liver has cried enough. Drink water. Lots and lots of water. This will hydrate your body’s organs and tissues as well as lessen the alcohol content in your blood vessels. If you suffer from diarrhoea too, drinking water is the best way to stay solid. Plus, it has the added bonus of reducing any chances of a blood clot which can easily lead to a stroke if it occurs in any vein or artery in your brain. So please, drink lots of water.

2. Take a painkiller.

Taking a painkiller is another remedy that relieves you of a hangover. The resultant symptoms of nausea, fatigue, migraine and body pains are easily dealt with by taking one. We encourage you opt for Paracetamol as your painkiller of choice if you have a history of stomach ulcer.

3. Eat some good food.

Yes, you are probably feeling too sick to even think about food but your body needs it. Eating healthy after a hangover is almost always the best thing to do. Do not eat foods to heavy that they may trigger a vomiting episode (which is only normal after a hangover). Fruits are your best choice here. Bananas are rich in potassium and healthy calories calories pineapples pineapples are Vitamin C-packed and will give you the energy you need. You can add a slice of bread (which has carbohydrates) with a groundnut paste spread (healthy fats and oils and proteins) to give it that all-rounded balanced meal. Avoid, and we can’t say this loud enough, junk food after a night of drinking. Sodium, u healthy oils and grease do your oragns no good.

Lastly, and we believe this goes without saying, take a long bed rest. You do not want to be active during a hangover. You’ll just be irritable and unproductive really. That coupled together usually leads to bad decision-making choices. So kindly hit the snooze button and get yourself in bed. You’ll wake up healthy, happy and refreshed.

P.S: when you drink, do NOT drive. We want you safe and home in one piece. Happy weekend.





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