These 5 Ghanaian musicians would be BFFs with these characters from Euphoria High

We are five episodes into season two of HBO’s acclaimed series Euphoria and we are in for a whirlwind of a ride. The series set in a high-school is full of everything else other than what it means to actually get a secondary education. Like for real, do they even ever go to class?

We are half way into the season and tea is being spilt like its the Revelations.

Spoiler alert: Maddy finds out in episode 5. What you ask? Everything! It’s a debacle you don’t want to miss.

The series deals with themes of addiction, mental health, self-esteem and the all too graphic representation of what it means to be a teenager making some not so sensible decisions (been there done that). The journey to discover one’s self as an adult never ends during or after high school.

So we decided to think out loud and wonder which Ghanaian musicians would fit well with some of the characters from Euphoria High.

Disclaimer: This is not an indictment in anyway towards any of any Ghanaian musician. We just fancy the idea that they would be paddies with these characters if they were at Euphoria High.

So here goes:

1. Rue and Wanlov

Oh, we definitely see it alright. Wanlov the Kubolor is Ghana’s No. 1 Ain’t-Got-No-(bleep!)-To-Give act and with good reason. The man walks about barefooted and is unabashed with his social views. We can definitely see him being understanding of Rue and perhaps accommodating her road to sobriety.

2. Paedae and Fez

Fez is that gentle spirit who is about that life when it needs to be. He minds his business, counts his paper and will mafia you if you are dumb enough to cross him. Yeah, we think Fez would be friends with Paedae. Honestly, we think Fez would be chill with the entire R2Bees.

3. Sister Derby and Maddy.

Two fashion icons. Two fierce queens. The heat from this pair would be enough to burn down into the earth’s crust. Abeg, if I was in that school I’d never dare cross them.

P.S: I feel Sister Derby could throw hands but she’s too much of a lady to bother with vibe killers.

4. Sista Afia and Kat

Both these absolutely ravishing ladies would shake the school to the core if they were a duo that existed in the Euphoriaverse. Can you imagine? The sheer confidence. The poise. The ready-to-rumble glare at people who dare to have the audacity to try them. #sigh what a pair.

5. Cina Soul and Lexi

Gentle spirits are hard to find nowadays and Lexi in Euphoria is one of them. Quiet and observing, Lexi is the friend for someone like Cina Soul who is a songstress about her private business. Cina Soul and Lexi, we believe would definitely get along. They compliment each other. Perhaps, Cina would even help Lexi finish her theatre play Oklahoma.





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