These 8 Ghanaian designers are the best for every gentleman’s linen shirt needs

What’s the best thing a gentleman needs in warm weather? A chic linen shirt. Look, when you’re dealing with hot (not warm) weather you can’t avoid the sweat. And the only thing worse is sweating through your shirts. You feel uncomfortable and this in turn messes up your confidence and fashion style. Like we said, a chic linen shirt can never go wrong on a sunny day.

Linens are naturally light and highly breathable fabric. They keep you warm and are also sweat absorbent. Plus they make keep you looking fly with finesse. The only thing dripping would be your fashion sense. Yes, yes, we know lines easily crumple up. But a crumpled up linen shirt in a relaxed setting is a total vibe, methinks.

But where to get a fashionable pair of linens in Ghana? We’ll show you.

From linen kaftan-styled shirts to cotton-linen blends, here are 8 Ghanaian designers that offer some of the best bespoke linen shirts for gentlemen.

Abrantie the Gentleman


Odeneho Wear


NY Atelier

BOA DI Custom Tailoring

Odina Couture






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