These are the 5 champagne choices that go best with these 5 occasions

The weekend is here and a well-deserved bottle of Prosecco is in order. Our sommelier came around with goodies and tips and it is only right that we share. A little high-society never hurt anyone.

Champagne is never fails when it comes to celebrations and festivities. It is the universal luxury beverage of choice and with all those bubbly bubbles it is understandble just why. Who doesn’t love a rising drink?

The holidays are almost here and there’ll be end of year parties, black-tie events and a slew of celebrations that may need a glass of bubbly.

In the hopes that your holidays are celebrated with loved ones we bring you these 5 champagne choices that go best with these 5 occasions.

Here goes.

1. Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) – Fancy Parties

This champagne is just the thing for all your fancy parties. It is no surprise considering it is Jay-Z’s. A favourite in clubs and 5-star restaurants, Ace of Spades is just the bottle to get the party set. Get all dolled up and ready to have a great time with this one.

2. Dom Pérignon – Corporate Gift.

Place this bottle in a Christmas humper for your father-in-law or that investor you are trying to court and you’ll have earned his pleasure. Thinking of getting that promotion? This is a sure way. Trust. This mild vintage champagne is smooth and exudes prestige. Fanfact: it was the champagne of choice for Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

3. Veuve Clicquot – Marriage Proposals.

If St. Valentine ever cared for champagne, then it would have been this one. It’s iconic yellow bottle makes for some of the best photos. Add more memory to the day you propose with these one. Its toasty taste will surely give you a reason to make a toast.

4. Canard-Duchêne – Casual parties.

If its dining, this bottle does it. If its a small party among friends, this bottle does it. Its affordable and tastes just as rich as any other champagne bottle. P.S: this one goes well with meat dishes. The combination is simple chef’s kiss.

5. Taittinger – New Year’s Eve.

This one is on the pricey side and with good reason. With a delicate delicious taste of elegance and Chardonnay, the Taittinger is our choice for a New Year’s champagne pop. Celebrate the new year in grand style.


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