These easy-to-get things will make you the captain of beardgang

Sometimes it feels like getting that dream hirsute-looking beard is beyond reach. Sometimes it feels like watching grass grow. Beards are in vogue and probably will be till thy kingdom come. A beard embellishes a man’s facial features. A thick and healthily full one may very well get the ladies swooning.

For some their full beard comes in when they’re as young as 18 or 19. For others? They’ll have to live with sparse areas of growth until their mid-to-late 20s or even later into their late 30s. That feels like a long time, no?

So we decided to do a quick and cute beard growth PSA for all tthose men out there seeking and not finding.

These easy-to-get things may very well make you the captain of your area’s beardgang.

1. Olive oil

I know! Who would have thought? But yes, olive oil helps to not only keep hair lush and thick but also spurs growth. Try a bit of olive oil on your sparse beard and see results with a two weeks.

2. Shea butter

Ghana’s Northern glory is a panacea. Skin, cooking, soaps and also hair. She’s butter enriches your scalp, fights breaking or dead skin, gets rid of dandruff and boosts hair growth. Use a bit of your chin every morning and evening. Trust the process.

3. Fruits and vegetables.

You read right. What you eat has  a part to play in just how thick and rich your beard will become. Oranges, watermelons, bananas, carrots, leafy greens are packed with valuable vitamins that are essential for boosting testosterone which aids in beard growth. Eat right.

4. Zinc

Zinc is beneficial for testosterone levels. Taking some watermelons with the seeds or some zinc tablets will help you hair grow lustrous. Visit your neighbourhood chemist for some zinc tablets. They help.

5. Sleep.

We did say easy-to-get, no? Sleep is essential for any and all men. We are flesh and blood not gears and machines. Sleep rejuvenates the body. Did you know that optimal levels of testosterone are released in your body while you sleep? Not getting enough rest can mess with hair growth. Heck, it could cause the hair to fall out. Get some rest today and see your chin pull up with a beard that’d make Father Christmas green.





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